If you’re unfamiliar with Livio Bisterzo, he is an Italian entrepreneur that is quickly changing the perception of the snack food industry; Livio is the CEO of Green Park Holdings, an enterprising food company established in 2015. According to a CrunchBase article, Green Park Holdings is predicated on introducing innovative food and beverages to consumers who value a healthy lifestyle. The company prides themselves on delivering a healthy alternative to the snack food industry, which according to Market Watch, a subsidiary of Dow Jones and Company, is projected to be worth $32.8 billion by 2025. Livio Bisterzo is hoping that consumer spending in this marketRead More →

What do people do when they need to borrow money? They can enlist the help of Equities First Holdings. This company specializes in giving loans that have funding from the stock market. There is a lot of money that can be lent out, and with Equities First Holdings, they keep the interest rates the lowest around the world. For this reason, they are seeing a huge increase in their business and for good reasons. When the business first came into existence, it was the year 2002. They have since created a powerhouse in the financial industry. Their credit services have helped lots of people overRead More →

Lawyers in Brazil are some of the savviest in the world. They can focus on litigation just like any other lawyer. Their strategies can hardly be matched by anyone else in other countries. Lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto are proof of this statement and more information click here. Tosto is one of the greatest entrepreneurial lawyers in Brazil. He focused on leaving small-time firms early on in his career for the sake of business litigation. Within a few years of joining his first practice, he was able to make it one of the top law firms in Brazil. Some of his cases where he representedRead More →

Staring at my screen, I really started weighing the pros and cons of just dropping out. In no uncertain terms, my academic fate hung in the balance. The choices were black and white: pay $500 in Bitcoin to some hacker or rewrite my paper from scratch in under 24 hours. WannaCry is an apt name for this ransomware attack. That’s exactly what I wanted to do at that moment. I had no backup file, antivirus didn’t catch it and I was out of time.   Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent than ever. Reaching out to your typical online communities aren’t much help. Once you’reRead More →

The legal practice that is run by Jeremy Goldstein is one of the finest in the country, and he serves many people who have personal injuries that come from a number of sources. This article explains how the practice serves people who have been hurt, and it is interesting for these clients to be given top notch services from Jeremy’s offices. He will take on any case, and he has a reputation for garnering excellent results.   #1: Personal Injuries Are Common   Personal injuries happen often, and there are a number of people who are hoping to find a legal practice that will helpRead More →