Dr. Scott Rocklage Does Good Over the Decades

Dr. Scott Rocklage Does Good Over the Decades

Just about everyone knows where they can find a doctor with an MD to give them a flu shot and a lollipop when the ordeal is over. But, how many people know about the doctors behind the scenes who have stellar knowledge and experience with chemicals and pharmaceuticals that make the medical field what it is today? One such person that deserves attention who works behind the scenes is Dr. Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D.


His service and dedication to the pharmaceutical side of healthcare has yielded numerous patented products which provide service to hospitals today. But, that is only one side of the coin to this businessman and professional. Another major part of who he is and what he does are the organizations and businesses that he collaborates with in the invention of FDA approved pharmaceutical products. The list of institutions and establishments that have benefited from his knowledge and unlimited service is quite extensive and deserves some noting. However, what’s most important to understand about Dr. Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. is where all this success and Leadership owes its origins.


To begin with, there is his bachelor’s in chemistry which he achieved from the University of California-Berkeley. And after that his PhD in chemistry from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). From there on his resume reads like a list of hits from one lead position to another with some of the biggest names in the industry. Trying to sum up the amount of executive, chief executive, administrator and presidential duties Scott Rockledge is known for over the last three decades is a challenge in itself.


This for sure is a testament to his wherewithal and intellect. Suffice it to say, this impressive track record begins in the year of 1994 which frankly some people can only think of as a past decade let alone have some experience in. So far, the end of this journey finds him at 5am Ventures where his dedication has rewarded him well with the CEO position and he’s both familiar and comfortable handling. Just as a point of reference, his experience with 5am Ventures is on record as beginning in 2003, and from there the rest is history.


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