How Officers Use Securus Technologies for Crime Prevention

How Officers Use Securus Technologies for Crime Prevention

The life of corrections officers is a thankless one, filled with daily struggles to maintain order in some of the most violent situations possible. Most people who spend a day doing what I do would not last the week, yet I do it to make sure that my community is as safe as possible. Trying to keep order in a prison has become increasingly challenging these days, but luckily there are some resources now available that are helping to make my job more productive.


To stop inmates from getting contraband from guests who come to our facility, we utilize scanning equipment in two locations. First, guests pass through and are physically searched for anything that they might hand to the inmates, then we scan the inmates before they get back to their calls to be sure nothing changed hands. This is usually effective at keeping things like drugs and weapons out of inmates hands.


We used to listen on the jail phone monitoring system for conversations pertaining to drugs and weapons, but thanks to Securus Technologies our job just got that much easier. Securus Technologies created a monitoring system that is being used in thousands of prison systems, and it allows officers to do a better job detecting trouble while freeing up their schedule so they can be more involved on the front lines.


Now the LBS software scans calls and alerts correction officers if inmates are discussing things that could become potential problems down the road. If inmates are talking about hiding drugs in their cells, we move in quick to remove the contraband. When inmates are talking with gang members on the outside about attacking rival gang members, we can separate the parties to avoid the confrontations. Now our facility is preventing crimes before they have a chance to develop.


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