Meet Dr. David Samadi, a Celebrated Urologist and a Medical Talk Show Host

Meet Dr. David Samadi, a Celebrated Urologist and a Medical Talk Show Host

Dr. David Samadi is a renowned urologist, medical consultant, volunteer, and a talk show host. Born in 1964 in Iran, Dr. Samadi grew up in the Jewish Persian community. In 1979, he and his sibling relocated to Belgium without their parents as they run away from the Iranian revolution. In 1984, Samadi migrated to America where he realized his passion for being a doctor. He attended the Brook School of Medicine and graduated with Biochemistry honors. Dr. David Samadi graduated with his postgraduate education in 1996 from the Montefiore Medical center. In 2001, while at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre he attained an oncology

Dr. David has committed his vocation to early spotting, diagnosing and handling of prostate cancer and is seen as one of the eminent urologists. He has volunteered at the Stoney Brook hospital emergency room. David cared for the sick patients during his morning rounds. His specialty as a urologist is the research and treatment of the bladder, kidney and prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi is held in high esteem as a cancer expert because of his creativity and prioritizing the patients. He is recognized for his clinical research and came up with the SMART surgical method. With over 7,000 successful surgeries, he has been accorded the opportunity to present his finding at seminars and conferences. Currently, the father of two is the chairman of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, and

David Samadi has an online show that began in September. The show is called the Sunday Housecall and airs every Sunday at 12:30 pm. Consequently, the show streams live on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Dr. Samadi uses to platform to advice people on how to lead a healthier life. Also, he touches on issues that affect the healthcare sector as he narrates medical stories. The Sunday Housecall do hosts guests who are experts in fields like mental and physical health issues. Furthermore, It affords added inputs on nutrition and physical exercises.

Dr. Samadi looks forward to responding to questions asked by the viewers and takes on live calls during the show. In the absence of Dr. Samadi, other health experts respond to the asked questions. He supplies the show viewers with broad information ranging from disease prevention to sexual health. He encourages appearances of any medical pro to his show as well as welcoming medical book authors and mostly those with wellness books. The celebrated doctor has also worked as a medical consultant and contributor for Fox News.

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