The Legendary Louis Chenevert

The Legendary Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is one of the most well-known business people globally. This is due to his expertise in the entrepreneurship world. The name Louis is associated with success. Throughout his career, he has worked to achieve more. He says that it is through determination and innovation that he has been able to attain the high levels of his success.

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Quebec where he also grew up. Like any other great business person, his academic background is in check. He studied Production Management in HEC Montreal. HEC Montreal is a business school associated with the University of Montreal.

Louis Chenevert began as an average employee. He worked for 14 years at General Motors. Before Louis left, he served as a Production Manager. In 1993 he got a job at Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer. Louis efforts raised the standards of the company. This was rewarded by being made the President of the Company within six years. This was just a taste of the many victories that he was later going to have. It is in 2006 that he joined the organization that was going to build his legacy. In this year, he was hired as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

This was a decision that no one was going to regret later. Louis Chenevert raised the standards of the company and led to its many successes. He led the group to invest in future technology.

Louis is a futurist. He believes that one way of maintaining the economy of the state is by investing in the future. By investing in the future, he includes the human labor as well.

Many investors are applying his mechanisms in running their businesses. Even the current UTC CEO uses his methods to running the company. He sees it as a way of maintaining the legacy of the firm that Louis built.

He also believes in investing in the future. This is why the employees have a scholarship program that allows them to have degrees of their choice. By so doing, their productivity is of high quality.

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